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Invitation To Exhibition (FOOMA JAPAN 2017)

We are going to exhibit our machines to the exhibition "FOOMA JAPAN 2017(INTERNATIONAL FOOD MACHINERY & TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION)" to be held as follows:
We would like to invite you to the exhibition. When you want to attend the exhibition, please contact us by E-mail or by fax (+81-6-6426-2525).
We will send the invitation cards with free admission ticket.

aa) Exhibition profile -- FOOMA 2017
bb) Place : TOKYO BIG SIGHT, in Tokyo, Japan.
cc) Exhibition date : June 13(Tue) - 16 (Fri), 2017
dd) Time :10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
ee) Our Booth No. : EAST 1L-05
ff) Machines are to be exhibited by our DAIEI:
1) Gyoza making machine (RG-270)
2) Gyoza Robo (DX-2000G)
3) Shaomai machine (DEC-100S)
4) Crepe Machine (HT-30CN)
5) Dim Sum master (AF-50, Dumpling, Har Gao, Shaorompao)
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